Keir Veskivali is a very interesting guy and he is building an interesting business that is called Smartly.SG. Smartly is based on the premise that investing should be easier for everybody and that “Anyone can be an investor.”

Keir comes from Estonia, like a lot of transformational tech.   He wrote his academic thesis based on research he performed on how teams of early stage startups get formed…and the mistakes that are made over and over again.

After working on a couple of startups in Estonia, he decided to move to Singapore and join the FinTech revolution.  He wanted to build something that would help his Mom and Dad invest better, while including investment education in the process.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Epiosde 0C - Keir Veskiväli – Founder at Smartly

by Keir Veskiväli | Asian FinTech Podcast