Qiuyan Tian and I spoke to Julian Schillinger, co-founder of Privé Technologies,  about his journey from attending one of the first business-technology Masters program in Germany to starting and running one of Asia’s fastest-growing FinTech companies. In the conversation, we touch base on his upbringing and studies in Germany and Kenya, how he came into contact with his current partner in business and co-founder of Privé, Charles Wong as well as how an ‘automated pricer’ software at J.P. Morgan taught him how difficult it was for the banks to adopt technology.

In addition to this, Michael, Qiuyan and Julian talk about banks’ technological adoption during the past fifteen years and what it will mean for executives, customers, HNWI and how FinTechs can ensure that their business is aligned with the existing market. The conversation goes in depth on how the banks were reluctant to embrace automation in the in the early twenty-first century, how the wealth management segment’s practices and use of technology has evolved, and how the company Julian and Charles founded, Privé Technologies, has been able to provide clients with a modular set of features that allow banks, EAMs, insurers, and others to take a holistic approach on wealth management with technology that covers everything from client outreach and information to wealth planning, robo-advisory, portfolio optimization and much more.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 01 - Julian Schillinger - Prive Technologies - Building Wealth Through Technology

by Julian Schillinger | Asian FinTech Podcast