We spoke with Tomas Holub, CEO & Founder, CoverGo – a leading provider of insurance technology. Based in Hong Kong, CoverGo provides insurance enterprise software solutions to insurers, brokers, and bancassurance.

In this conversation, Tomas lends his expertise on how digitization is changing Insurtech, its adaptation to the digital economy, and (more interestingly) the insurance-in-a-box solution. On that note, find out more on how CoverGo plans to ride this digital wave, and Tomas’ insights on the other trends that are shaping the InsurTech industry in the full podcast.

Recorded at True Digital Park…Click the link below.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 04 - Tomas Holub - CEO CoverGo - Adaptation to the Digital Economy

by Tomas Holub | Asian FinTech Podcast