In this episode we spoke to Miguel “Mikko” Perez, the Founder and CEO of Ayannah, the leading provider of digital financial services to the emerging middle class globally, starting in the Philippines. In this episode, Michael and Mikko talk about how important it is for the emerging middle class to tap into digital financial services to save cost, grow their wealth and ultimately escape poverty.

In addition, we delve into Mikko’s life and learn about how his experiences helped him to realize his calling to help enable the emerging middle class through Ayannah’s services. After completing his MBA at Harvard Business School what made Perez want to go back to start a company in the Philippines?  We discuss this as well.

With Ayannah’s current focus on VIP (Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines) it should be a very busy year ahead.  Ahead of their time, there is a focus on what Ayannah is doing to stay ahead of the game and ensure that their FinTech services are accessible to as much of the emerging middle class as possible.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 05 - Mikko Perez - CEO Ayannah - Digital Financial Services for the Emerging Middle Class

by Mikko Perez | Asian FinTech Podcast