In this episode, Michael Waitze sits down with Medhy Souidi, head of Fintech and Startup Xchange at DBS. Medhy made a switch to move from traditional banking toward startups and redefined his career path in Blockchain and Fintech. He recently moved to DBS to lead their Fintech initiative.

In this conversation, Medhy shares his experiences moving towards the Blockchain and Fintech world. Given his experiences with both start-ups and as a banker, he provides insights into being on both sides of the table. The hosts discuss their journey of taking the ‘big leap’ of abandoning their banking careers and searching for opportunities in Fintech. They continue to discuss why more bankers are now following their footsteps given the great potential in the Fintech world. The conversation dives into the topic of Asia shaping the disruptive technology with more creative heads. They also brush over the challenges faced by traditional companies in embracing new technology and the courage and skills required to be successful in it.

In addition to this, Medhy addresses how he manages and motivates his team to shift from a culture of maintenance and support to just innovative development. He discusses his current job and provides insights into how DBS continues to stay ahead of the game and what startup exchange is like at DBS.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 06 - Medhy Souidi - Head of FinTech and StartUpXchange at DBS - One of the Exceptions to the Rule

by Medhy Souidi | Asian FinTech Podcast