I had the pleasure of conversing with Michele Ferrario, a co-Founder and CEO of StashAway. We jumped right in and Michele established the premise that technology is becoming or has already become the cornerstone of all financial service verticals.  It started with payments, then peer to peer lending, some crypto sprinkled in, and now there is focus on neo-banks and digital wealth management platforms.

Michele is uniquely qualified to be building financial sector startups in Southeast Asia.  Armed with an MBA from Columbia University in New York, Michele has been passionate about both numbers and people for as long as he can remember.  Lured to Southeast Asia through his position as the Founder of Rocket Internet in Italy and Pakistan, Michele was asked to be the CEO of Zalora 6 moths after its founding.  He led a more than 1,000 person business in multiple countries and dramatically grew the companies revenue.  More importantly, his experience at Rocket and Zalora taught him many aspects of building and scaling a business.  In particular, Michele believes that mastering the management of both numbers and people is the key to building a high-performing organization.

Founding and building StashAway was kind of like coming home to his passion for numbers and the strong desire to help people build financial wealth.  The team believes that investing should be personal, intelligent, cost-effective and secure. Listen to the entire conversation…I learned a lot.

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 07 - Michele Ferrario - co-Founder and CEO StashAway - There Is No Financial Services Without Technology

by Michele Ferrario | Asian FinTech Podcast