It really is a small world.

My phone rang on Wednesday morning and it was my colleague, Jovin Shen.  “Paolo Sironi is in Bangkok and would be happy to record with you today…”, he said to me.  Always happy to do a recording on the spur of the moment, I was excited at the prospect to meet Paolo and record…but Wednesday was fully booked.  Simply could not do it.  I proposed that we record the next morning and even though Paolo was flying home that evening, he agreed to do it.  Yay!

I met Paolo at the Anantara and he graciously treated me to breakfast while we chatted and prepped for the recording.  As an international best-selling Author (You can find his books here…) a world-renown FinTech Expert and an IBM Industry Academy Member, Paolo and I had a lot to discuss.  We realized during our chat that we seemingly had no place to record, but I scoped out the hotel earlier and had an idea.

After eating, we walked up the grand staircase to the second floor, headed towards the Business Center and into the empty ballroom that I had found earlier.  There was one high table up against the far wall.  We opened my computer, plugged in the microphone, tested the sound (All good!) and off we went.  The recording was really awesome as Paolo is a killer speaker and FinTech conversations come easily to me.  Years of working at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs can do that.

One more thing…when we were done recording, I asked Paolo what time he was leaving that evening and he said it depened on whether he was attending an event to which he had been invited…by my Asia InsurTech Podcast partner, Theresa Blissing.  We laughed about the coincidence (as I was attending as well), took a selfie, sent it to Theresa and met up again at the event.  A small world indeed and a new friendship was started.

Listen to this entire episode.  Paolo knows his stuff…

Asian FinTech Podcast - Episode 09 - Paolo Sironi - Author and IBM FinTech Advisor - Only Platforms Win in the End

by Paolo Sironi | Asian FinTech Podcast