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EP 01 – Sharon Lourdes Paul – Head of Regional Payments (Southeast Asia), Xfers – Accessibility Means Being There At Every Touchpoint

The Asian FinTech Podcast spoke to Sharon Lourdes Paul, the Head of Regional Payments at Xfers, a YC-backed company that is now a part of Fazz Financial Group. Xfers was founded in 2015 to make payments accessible for the unbanked population and underserved sectors, such as crypto exchanges, in Southeast Asia. Layered on top of banking rails, Xfers facilitates non-card payments for merchants, warungs (mom-and-pop stores), and exchanges.

“Accessibility means being there at every touchpoint when customers want to make payments.”

What do we need to make payments interoperable across borders? What is the role of crypto in payment interoperability? Why does financial inclusion matter to her, Xfers, and Fazz Financial Group?

We discussed Southeast Asia’s payment rails in detail and the role of crypto in facilitating payments in this inaugural episode of #AsianFintechPodcast.

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