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EP 02 – Diego Rojas – Co-Founder & CEO at Finantier – Transforming People’s Lives Every Day

The Asian FinTech Podcast spoke with Diego Rojas, a Co-Founder & the CEO at Finantier, a YC-backed company that provides the simplest solution to access consumer financial data across Southeast Asia.

Diego was born a builder. He started coding at 8 years old in a small town in Argentina. He later discovered his passion for FinTech as a tool to improve people’s lives, while cutting his teeth at first-generation FinTech companies, even before FinTech was a thing. At Lending Club and Dianrong, he found that getting access to consumer data is the fundamental building block of financial inclusion that was missing in Southeast Asia.

At Finantier, we wake up, ready to work, and think about how we’re transforming people’s lives every day.

What is Open Finance? Is Southeast Asia ready? How does Finantier overcome the chicken-and-egg problem of getting data providers and data consumers? How can banks and FinTech companies leverage Finantier?

We had an in-depth discussion about Open Finance, why it’s needed, and why it matters at #AsianFintechPodcast.