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EP 03 – Felix Feng – Co-Founder and CEO at Set Protocol – We Will See the Two Worlds Converge

The Asian FinTech Podcast spoke to Felix Feng, a co-Founder and the CEO of Set Protocol, the Stripe for Asset Management. Set Protocol’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of decentralized asset management.

Felix got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he mined and sold Zynga poker chips on eBay when he was 17 years old. He went on to start many small ventures before making his way into crypto. “If you are able to have an idea and spot opportunity, you can benefit a lot of people as well as oneself as an entrepreneur.”

Felix saw the power of the internet and how it transformed people’s lives. He saw the same properties of the internet in Bitcoin, believing that Blockchain and distributed ledger technology can reinvent the financial services industry. Fast forward to today, Felix believes that the future of financial services will be one that is decentralized and accessible for everyone globally.

Once people upload their assets, they don’t bring it back to the traditional world. More and more assets will be uploaded to the blockchain. More DeFi tools will be made available for the traditional world. We will see the two worlds converge.

What is decentralized asset management? What are the benefits versus the Blackrocks or Vanguards of the world? How do crypto and decentralized autonomous organizations change how financial products are provided? How will DeFi combine with traditional financial systems?

We covered all about decentralized asset management at #AsianFintechPodcast.