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EP 04 – Khai Lin Sng – co-Founder and CIO of Fundnel – Democratize Private Capital Markets

Khai Lin Sng is the co-Founder & CIO of Fundnel, Southeast Asia’s private capital markets. Khai Lin’s dream is to bring investment access down to the retail investors and, to do that, she’s taken a leading role in utilizing blockchain technology to create Hg Exchange, the first-of-its-kind private shares exchange.

She took the risk and left a comfortable job at a bulge bracket investment banking firm to co-found Fundnel with a mission to ensure efficient capital allocation to small entrepreneurs, therefore, generating employment and building nations. Under her wing, Fundnel has funneled over $540M to private companies and PE/VC funds from more than 15,000 investors across the world.

We covered all about how technology enables Fundnel to screen and match thousands of deals in a year, how blockchain plays a role in allowing retail investors to invest in private shares, and how tech companies can facilitate secondary shares for employees.

We covered all about democratizing private capital markets at #AsianFintechPodcast.