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EP 05 – Hayden Simmons – Founder of Rally Cap Ventures – Emerging Market FinTech

Hayden Simmons is the Managing Partner and Founder of Rally Cap Ventures, a FinTech angel community that invests in emerging market FinTech startups across LATAM, Africa, and Asia. Rally has grown into 200+ angels in less than 1 year and consists of FinTech operators and investors across the world.


Hayden used a first principle approach to creating Rally Cap with a hybrid fund model between an angel community and a VC fund. He, together with the Rally Cap community, invests in infrastructure that enables any consumer app to launch financial service capabilities.

“Doing things on a small scale, you need to be creative about economics.”

We covered all about the challenges of first-time fund managers, trends in emerging markets’ FinTech, the impact of YC on startups, and expansion strategies at #AsianFintechPodcast.