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EP 06 – Pang Xue Kai – Founder and CEO of Tokocrypto – Indonesia’s First Cryptocurrency Exchange

Pang Xue Kai is the Founder and CEO of Tokocrypto. Tokocrypto is the leading crypto exchange in Indonesia and backed by the world’s most active crypto exchange Binance.


Despite being a Singaporean, Kai packed his bag, moved to Indonesia, and hustled his way to be the first crypto exchange to get a license in Indonesia. Since then, Tokocrypto has seen a meteoric rise with $60-100M daily trading volume and 1M+ registered users today.


It launched the TKO token earlier this year. TKO is the gateway for the CeDeFi ecosystem with DeFi products, including Farming Pool and NFT Arcade, while BIDR, as an Indonesian rupiah-pegged stablecoin, will be the medium for Indonesians to participate in DeFi for greater financial inclusion.


We covered all about the Indonesian crypto landscape, the integration of CeDeFi, and founder lessons here at #AsianFintechPodcast. @tkobytokocrypto #TKObyTokocrypto #SalamToTheMoon