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EP 08 – Pelle Brændgaard – Notabene – Bridging Crypto to Real World Use Cases

Pelle Brændgaard is the Co-Founder & CEO of Notabene, a YC-backed company that bridges crypto to real-world use cases by providing a regulatory compliant layer to crypto transactions.


Pelle spent 20 years in crypto, self-sovereign identity, and fintech. Pelle was the co-founder and head of uPort, the Identity platform from ConsenSys built on Ethereum. As an early member of the Financial Crypto community, he built pre-blockchain crypto platforms, helped develop OAuth, and brought Bitcoin to Africa with Kipochi.

In the early days of the internet, Pelle, together with a group of pioneers, explored how to use cryptography to build financial products on top of the internet. When bitcoin was born, the members of that group became the people who built a lot of the core technology on top of Bitcoin.

Pelle views that blockchain technology is very close to where he’d imagined it’d be today vs. a decade ago and he’s never been as excited as before. The reason behind his enthusiasm is regulation has finally caught up with crypto.


The Financial Action Task Force, the organization that sets AML guidelines for regulators, has rolled out the Travel Rule. It is the last bit of what we need to push crypto to be used for mainstream use cases, such as eCommerce payments because it allows companies to trace transactions from the blockchain to the real world.


Notabene plays a crucial part in helping companies handle crypto in a compliant way by providing a regulatory compliant layer to crypto transactions, eliminating the risk of sending funds to illegal persons or entities.


We covered all about how crypto can be compliant and pseudonymous, what the ‘Travel Rule’ means for crypto, and how Notabene bridges crypto to the real world at #AsianFintechPodcast.