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EP 09 – Earl Martin Valencia – Plentina – Unlock Financial Services for Billions with BNPL

Earl Martin Valencia is the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of Plentina, the Philippines’ leading buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) company with the aim to unlock financial services for billions by changing credit bureaus and credit cards.


Earl dreamed of becoming an astronaut and went to work for the largest aerospace company in the world. But, he discovered that business plus engineering equals magic at Stanford business school. He then entered the business world at Bridgewater, the most influential hedge fund in the world, Charles Schwab, the largest brokerage company in the world, and Dell, the pioneer in computers.


Plentina is providing credit card-like experience to the underserved in emerging markets, allowing them to buy everyday purchases, build a credit history, and learn responsible borrowing so that one day they will get access to formal financial services.


“This is the first time in history that someone can build a credit history with just $2.”


We covered all about the pillars of BNPL, business models of BNPL in developed vs emerging markets, how Plentina is creating “a data culture” and building “brand love”, and his prediction on the future of BNPL at #AsianFintechPodcast.