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EP 10 – Guillaume Le Saint – CEO Atato – Secure Computing Operating System

Guillaume Le Saint is the Co-Founder & CEO of Atato, a company that’s building a secure computing operating system.


Computers were designed for one role: to process data as fast as possible. That is fine if there are only a number of computers exchanging data on the internet. Today, there are billions of devices on the internet, but the lack of secure computing is an issue (think ransomware and data leaks).  We have come to accept those limitations as part of our lives.


Welcome to Web 3.0! Blockchain and encryption technologies have enabled us to add secure properties to the internet like never before.


Atato is building tools for businesses and people to interact with secure computing. As more applications use secure computing, Atato starts with custody because the standard of secure computing today is token, but it aims to facilitate access to different applications in the future.


We covered all about the internet vs Web 3.0, challenges of today’s blockchain technology, killer use cases that blockchain can enable today and in the future, and Atato’s vision at #AsianFintechPodcast.